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Volume 6 Issue 4 July-August 2018
Transit Oriented Development
Field: Arts > Drawing
Author(s): Avineesh Bhadoria, Alok Sharma
Energy Efficient Buildings
Field: Arts > Drawing
Author(s): Avineesh Bhadoria, Alok Sharma
Assessment Of EMS Induced Genetic Variation In Urginea Indica Kunth Cytotype I through The Degree Of Changes Observed In Stomata In M1 and M2 Generations
Field: Biology > Agriculture / Botany
Author(s): Dr Richa Sinha
Green Supply Chain Management Link Between Business And Environment
Field: Business Administration
Author(s): Jumaila K
Corporate Social Responsibility: Issues Challenges And Strategies For Indian Firms
Field: Business Administration
Author(s): Dr Ravi B
Chemical Analysis Of Soil Fertility Parameters In Sri Ganganagar And Hanumangarh District Of Rajasthan
Field: Chemistry
Author(s): Sanjay Kumar Bhati
A survey Paper On Data Mining Applications & Techniques
Field: Computer > Data / Information
Author(s): Miss Mittalben Shirishkumar Shah
Collective Bargaining: A Concept
Field: Sociology > Administration / Law / Management
Author(s): Pramila, Vicky, Ravi Kumar, Reena
Consumer Aptitude on Swaraj Tractor
Field: Sociology > Economics
Author(s): Ramesha N G
A Comparative Study on Government Intervention in Medicine Supply to the Tuberculosis and Diabetes Diseases
Field: Sociology > Health
Author(s): Dr M S Geetha