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Digital Entrepreneurship

Authors: Siva Vineela Gollapudi


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Country: India

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Abstract: Many studies proved entrepreneurship as a key factor for economic growth and also for reduction of unemployment. For being a successful entrepreneur, it is very essential to understand all the concepts that are related to entrepreneurship. In order to meet the market competition and achieve the business goal, every entrepreneur should be updated with the changes that occur in customer’s tastes and preferences and also in the market. Sometimes it is necessary to use some modern digital technologies and soft wares to communicate with the customers and also to increase product value. As today’s world is mostly depended on national and multinational technologies, it is essential to include these technologies in the business. In this sense, digital entrepreneurship plays a vital role in empowering an entrepreneur to perform all the activities accurately and effectively. As this is the process of using digital applications, it helps every entrepreneur to increase the market value for his/her product and develop the business both traditionally and technologically. As Information and communication technology (ICT) abilities are important elements of success of a digital enterprise, it is important to know how it helps people to improve their business. This is a basic study which describes digital entrepreneurship in detail. This can enable every individual who involve in business to gain knowledge about digital entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Economic growth, unemployment, entrepreneurship, digital entrepreneurship, information and communication technology, digital enterprise, digital articrafts, digital platform, digital infrastructure

Paper Id: 160

Published On: 2017-07-28

Published In: Volume 5, Issue 4, July-August 2017

Cite This: Digital Entrepreneurship - Siva Vineela Gollapudi - IJIRMPS Volume 5, Issue 4, July-August 2017. DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/5D38S

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