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As IJIRMPS is fully openly accessible and not getting any fund from any person/organization, we are dependent on the fees for various services from researchers/authors who submit their work to publish in the journal. Following are the details regarding various fees and payment methods.


All the fees mentioned below are including all kinds of taxes and there is NO other hidden charge.

There is no fee for submitting research paper.

Publish Research Paper

For Indians:
INR 1200 for 1 to 4 Authors/Researchers
Add INR 400 per additional Authors/Researchers

For Non-Indians:
USD 60 for 1 to 4 Authors/Researchers
Add USD 10 per additional Authors/Researchers

For Indians & non-Indians: We publish research paper without any fee if the researcher(s) is/are economically backward. They need to submit photo/scanned copy of a government provided document as a proof mentioning that the person(s) is/are economically backward (for example - BPL Card in India). Please send the documents to the email address, and also mention the research paper id (which is shown after submitting research paper) in the email.

Publication fee include:

  • Formating and editing of the submitted research content
  • Permanent publication of research article online regardless of number of pages and digital file size
  • Digital certificate (e-certificate) of publication
  • Submission of research to various indexing services
  • Other related administrative work expenses
  • Full help regarding publication process through various mediums
  • Phone calls and SMS of various status updates and help regarding research publication


Physical Paper Certificate and Printed Research Papers

Post within India: INR 500.

Post outside India: Fees varies according to the distance and currency rates. Please contact us mentioning your paper id after research paper is published to ask us the cost of printing and mailing/shipping fees.


DOI - Digital Object Identifier

For Indian Authors: INR 400.
For Non-Indian Authors: USD 20.


Payment Methods

Payment can be made online using various methods. We have integration with Instamojo payment gateway for Indian payers and PayPal for Non-Indian payers. Payment method is chosen automatically based on the country that user provides during registration with IJIRMPS.


Payment Gateway


Instamojo is automatically selected for Indian payers when making any payment.

Payers can pay through RuPay, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex debit and/or credit cards.

Net Banking/NEFT and BHIM-UPI facility can also be used.

List of supported banks by Instamojo to pay through Net Banking

To pay for any special case, we have our Instamojo page too at



Indian payers can pay by scanning this QR code image through BHIM app (or through any of the UPI compatible apps).

Or pay to this UPI VPA: ijirmps@upi


Mobile Wallet


Indian payers can pay through Paytm by scanning this QR Code through Paytm's mobile app.

Or pay to our mobile number 87 585 383 22.

Paytm may charge transaction fee of few percentage of the amount to the payer.




PayPal is automatically selected for non-Indian payers when making any payment.

PayPal is providing facility to pay through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit and/or debit cards.

Payers can also pay from their PayPal account balance.

To pay for any special case, we have our PayPal page too at


Net Banking / NEFT / IMPS


Payers can pay directly to our HDFC bank account.

Account Number: 50100231784145
Branch: Vejalpur, Ahmedabad
IFSC: HDFC0001676


Western Union

Western Union

Non-Indian payers can pay through Western Union.

Please use the following details:

Name: Rucha Mihir Oza

Address: Meghansh Habitat, Behind TV 9 Office and D-Mart, Vejalpur
City: Ahmedabad
PIN / Zip Code: 380051
State: Gujarat
Country: India

Email Address:

Click here to view fees refund policies.