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Volume 11 Issue 2 March-April 2023

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Study and Analysis of Different Types of Dampers in Reducing the Vibration of Structure
Author(s): Lalit Arya, Rushali Sahare, Yogeshwari Bharatpure, Gaurav Kapse, Priyanshi Rathore, Sadan Ahake
Country: India
Leveraging ICT and AI for Enhanced Library Science
Author(s): Jitendra Bhakar
Country: India
Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Brick Dust and Fly Ash
Author(s): Jitendra Sankre, Arun Khawse, Ayush Kaushik, Hatim Husain, Rani Hajare, Shubham Nagle
Country: India
A Study of Theoretical Strands of Post Feminism
Author(s): Ankesh Kumar Jangde
Country: India
Use of Foam Concrete in Construction
Author(s): Brajesh Pandey, Dheeraj Maywad, Prerna Uikey, Saksham Rathore, Vaishali Dhurve, Nikita Chouhan, Prof. Gunjan Dedhia
Country: India
Exploratory Review of Data Visualization and Time Series
Author(s): Varun P. Patil, Ajit S. Mali
Country: India
Reduction in Poverty of India with the Help of Blockchain Technology
Author(s): Sparsh Verma, Dinesh Kumar
Country: India
Evaluation of Natural and Artificial Fibre Reinforced Concrete using Waste Materials
Author(s): Aviraj Gujre, Hari Prasad Pandey, Nikhil Kshirsagar, Punit Agrawal, Yashraj Shivare, Ankur Rathore
Country: India
Poverty and Economic Reforms: A Brief Study
Author(s): Dr. Kamla Devi
Country: India
Effectiveness of using Geotextiles in Flexible Pavement
Author(s): Sumanshi Verma
Country: India
Synthesis and Applications of MgO and its Nanocomposites: A Review
Author(s): Charushila Khanderao Nerker
Country: India
Lexicon-based Sentiment Analysis of Tweets on Food Delivery Services
Author(s): C. Rajeshkumar, K. Ruba Soundar, M. Vargheese, G. Nallasivan, S. Arun
Country: India
An Energy Efficient Load Distribution Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): C. Rajeshkumar, K. Ruba Soundar, M. Vargheese, A. Siva, S. Pradeepan
Country: India
Application of the Naive Bayes Algorithm to Healthcare Chatbots
Author(s): C. Rajeshkumar, K. Ruba Soundar, M. Vargheese, G. Nallasivan, K. Mathesh Kanna
Country: India
CNN-based Handgestimation Detection and Identification
Author(s): C. Rajeshkumar, K. Ruba Soundar, M. Vargheese, G. Nallasivan, P. Sattanathan
Country: India
Predicting Cardiovascular Disease with Machine Learning
Author(s): C. Rajeshkumar, K. Ruba Soundar, M. Vargheese, G. Nallasivan, A. Selvakumar
Country: India
Neural Network Approaches for Applications and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Space Missions
Author(s): C. Rajeshkumar, K. Ruba Soundar, M. Vargheese, G. Nallasivan, R. Poornima
Country: India
Brain Tumor Prediction using MRI Images
Author(s): Uttam R. Patole, Aarti Pandit, Divya Shukla, Sonali Kuwar, Aditya Kale
Country: India
Automatic Video Summarization
Author(s): Preeti Vishnu Chandgude, Gayatri Kailas Solanke, Ankita Sudhakar Avhad, Priyanka Ashok Sanap
Country: india
Health Map
Author(s): Ranjana Singh, Anay Desai, Soham Gaikwad, Sree Charita Amaraneni
Country: India
Law and Attorney Website CMS
Author(s): Saroj Kumar Nanda, Anmol Kothari, Shubham Sah, Ajinkya Pagar
Country: India
Virtual Vista
Author(s): Bhargavi Dalal, Aniket Soni, Shivam Jha, Pranay Jadhav
Country: India
M-Ticket Booking System
Author(s): Ranjana Singh, Prajwal Choudhari, Abhishek Kolte, Nikshay Jain
Country: India
QR Code based Access Control System
Author(s): Ravi Khatri, Tauqeer Shaikh, Nishit Gundecha, Om Kathe, Khushi Tiwari
Country: -