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Call for Paper Volume 11 Issue 2 March-April 2023 Submit your research for publication
Volume 11 Issue 2 March-April 2023

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Study and Analysis of Different Types of Dampers in Reducing the Vibration of Structure
Author(s): Lalit Arya, Rushali Sahare, Yogeshwari Bharatpure, Gaurav Kapse, Priyanshi Rathore, Sadan Ahake
Country: India
Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Brick Dust and Fly Ash
Author(s): Jitendra Sankre, Arun Khawse, Ayush Kaushik, Hatim Husain, Rani Hajare, Shubham Nagle
Country: India
Use of Foam Concrete in Construction
Author(s): Brajesh Pandey, Dheeraj Maywad, Prerna Uikey, Saksham Rathore, Vaishali Dhurve, Nikita Chouhan, Gunjan Dhedia
Country: India
Exploratory Review of Data Visualization and Time Series
Author(s): Varun P. Patil, Ajit S. Mali
Country: India
Reduction in Poverty of India with the Help of Blockchain Technology
Author(s): Sparsh Verma, Dinesh Kumar
Country: India