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Volume 11 Issue 1 January-February 2023

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Role of FinTech and Digital Literacy in Sustainable Development in India
Author(s): Pameela Rani Mannava, Alpa Srivastava, N. Kalaivani
Country: India
Social Media (Facebook) Marketing: A Study of Readiness in Indore City
Author(s): Akash Agrawal, Sanjay Maheshwari
Country: India
Formulation and Evaluation of O/W Nanoemulsions of Caffeic Acid
Author(s): Sakshi Garg, Parveen Kumar Goyal, Saroj Jain
Country: India
DOI: 10.37082/IJIRMPS.v11.i1.230012
Comparing Methods of Determining Addition in Presbyopes
Author(s): Arun Prasad Dhungana
Country: Nepal
Attendance Management System using Face Recognition
Author(s): Anuradha Yadav, Sunil Kumar, Vikash Gupta, Sumit Kumar
Country: India
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7577140
Movie Recommendation Engine with Sentiment Analysis Using AJAX Request
Author(s): Satish Chadokar, Naman Jain, Ayush Thakre
Country: India
Development of an E-Commerce Web App System through Implementation of the MERN Stack
Author(s): Arjun Prajapati, Palak Khedle, Sanket Malvi, Prof. Praveen Malviya
Country: India
Conversational Voice Controlled React News Application Using Alan AI
Author(s): Vinay Sahu, Pallavi Ubnare, Priyanshu Patil, Priya Barhaiya, Shreyash Sinha
Country: India
Implementation of authenticated & Secure Online Voting Web Application System
Author(s): Prof. Satish Chadokar, Roshan Kumar, Shivam Soni, Shivansh Soni, Ritik Bankhede
Country: India
Fashion Recommendation System
Author(s): Vinay Sahu, Divyani Makode, Ayushi Tarkasvar, Purvi Bisne, Garima Jhariya
Country: India
Fluorescent based Chemosensors and its Applications: A Review
Author(s): M.S. Gambhire, S.R. Labhade, R.R. Kale
Country: India