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Volume 6 Issue 1 January-February 2018

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Investigating the Patterns of Mental Health Service Utilization during Economic Recessions
Author(s): Salih Ali Alsalloum, Naif Ruwaydhan Olaiq AlRuwaydhan, Osamah Mousa Almutairi, Talal Hamad Ibrahim Alsalhi, Sami Suliman Saleh alateeq, Ahmed Abdullah Sharkh Alsharekh
Country: Saudi Arabia
Teaching English as a Foreign Language: An Analysis of the Difficulties and Effectiveness of the Approach
Author(s): Sushma C.R., Vishwaraju S.B., Sowmya M.N.
Country: India
A Review Study of Epidemiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Author(s): Mohammed Saad Nasser Alsenaidi, Rakan Ali Alotruzi, Abdulrahman Khalid bin Abdulwahid, Yahya Saleh Alserhani, Turki Dhaifallah Alrukhaimi
Country: Saudi Arabia
Supramolecular Chemistry: An Overview
Author(s): Jyoti Yadav
Country: India
त्रिपुष्कर वाद्य कथा
Author(s): लाल बाबू निराला
Country: India
Knowledge and Awareness of Osteoradionecrosis Among Dental Students - A Survey
Author(s): Ms. Monal Gajjar, Prof. S.B.Patel
Country: India
DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/J8TD3
Multimodal Biometrics Security: A Review
Author(s): Ms. Pooja Saini, Prof. Priyanka Rao
Country: India
DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/4R8NA
Pleasure and Happiness Leading to an Imaginative World
Author(s): Dayanand, Puran Singh
Country: India
Phase Solubility Method in Supramolecular Chemistry
Author(s): Jyoti Yadav
Country: India
Risk Management among Startups - Strategies & Solutions
Author(s): Dr P S Subha Prada
Country: -