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Volume 10 Issue 2 March-April 2022

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A Generic Configurable Plug-and-Play Module for Node Data Acquisition and Transmission in IoT-based Applications
Author(s): Nkolika Ogechukwu Nwazor, Rosaline Ashinedu Eke, Ekene Samuel Mbonu
Country: Nigeria
Contribution of GST towards GDP: A Conceptual Approach
Author(s): Usha Sadhani, Akhil Joshi
Country: India
An Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment Theories
Author(s): Dr Madhu C S
Country: India
Multilingualism and Peaceful Coexistence in Nigeria
Author(s): Umar Mohammed Hadejia
Country: Nigeria
The Concept of Other: A Crucial Concern in Postcolonial Studies
Author(s): Umar Mohammed Hadejia
Country: Nigeria
A Study on the Effect of Curing over Concrete of Different Grade
Author(s): Basit Mintoo, Saurabh Gupta
Country: India
IoT based Automatic Mocktail Maker
Author(s): Sahil Kishor Bendale, Apurva Anil Choudhari, Pratiksha Ashok Patil, Guruprasad Ramchandra Mane, Alveera Pirmohammad Nadaf
Country: India
DOI: 10.37082/IJIRMPS.2022.v10i02.012
Face Recognition Attendance Monitoring Exemplary System
Author(s): Lokesh Kumar, Saurabh Pal, Krishna Khandelwal, Vedant Solat, Prof S S Shinde
Country: India
Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria
Author(s): Dr Modestus C Nsonwu
Country: Nigeria
School Heads Digital Competency amidst COVID-19 Crisis
Author(s): Analiza B Tanghal, Jerwin S Tanghal
Country: Philippines
Impact of Lockdown on Biological Diversity – An Overview of the Outbreak
Author(s): Dr Shamim Ahmed Bandey, Er Akshay Nadiger
Country: India