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Analysis and Improvement of Software Documentation Processes for Software Developers in Nigeria

Authors: Theodora Isola

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Abstract: Developing quality software should be the priority for software organizations and developers. Software attributes can be defined using software documentation which allows for effective communication among the software team and stakeholders towards the delivery of quality software applications. The aim of the project is to analyze and improve software documentation processes for software developers in Nigerian software developers with a focus on the general study of previous work on software documentation carried out over the years, carrying out literature review on software documentation, finding drivers and barriers to good documentation, developing survey distributed to Nigerian software developers and to users as questionnaires for gathering information on software documentation. To develop a framework/guideline which will include, methodologies, usage, procedures, and work patterns that can be easily used by software developers to ensure good documentation to deliver cost-effective and better-quality software. This research work analyzes the processes in software documentation using literature review and questionnaire. The focus was on finding drivers and barriers to good software documentation from the literature survey and getting responses from questionnaire on usage by software developers. This project has researched and discussed the documentation process, with resulting best practices and framework. Some guidelines have been proposed which can be used; and because there are no strict standards on software documentation, adhering to software development life cycle standards will ensure that documentation practices are well followed. Software documentation is helpful in defining useful and usable specifications and functionalities of software for the delivery of quality software as well as helping in the transfer of knowledge among team members and stakeholders.

Keywords: Software, Documentation, Agile, Developers, Development

Paper Id: 1417

Published On: 2022-03-11

Published In: Volume 10, Issue 2, March-April 2022

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