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Volume 9 Issue 4 July-August 2021

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Applying Machine Learning Techniques for Speech Emotion Recognition
Author(s): Pratik Game, Rahul Kokate, Apeksha Shinde, Mahesh Wandhekar
Country: India
Using X-Ray / CT Images with CNN for COVID Detection
Author(s): Shivam Darshane, Rutuja Dandwate, Siddhesh Joshi, Rushikesh Galhe, Prof. Vishal Lipte
Country: India
Comparative Study of Impact of COVID-19 on E-commerce Business in India
Author(s): Brijesh Vishwakarma, Monali Rajput
Country: India
Design and Manufacturing of Manual Transmission Car with Hand Operated Clutch
Author(s): Tejas S Gaikwad, Denish S Lathigara, Prof. Swanand Kirpekar
Country: India
The Influence of Information Communication Technology System on Performance of Weights and Measures Agency in Tanzania
Author(s): Zidadu Rashid Mbawala, Julius Raphael Athuman Mhina
Country: Tanzania
Impact of Technology-Supported Education on Student Learning Outcomes
Author(s): Andal S., Venkataraman S.
Country: -
Delay Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Malaysia's Oil and Gas Projects
Author(s): Hissein Djibrine Abdelrassoul, Dr. Zulhasni Bin Abdul Rahim
Country: Malaysia
DOI: 10.37082/IJIRMPS.2021.v09i04.008
Central Air Inflation System
Author(s): Vikrant Karpe, Dhruv Mojidra, Meet Rajyaguru, Prof Rajeshwar Janunkar
Country: India
Sprocket Side Stand Retrieving System
Author(s): Omkar Khot, Akshid Engle, Omkar Birje, Shlok Sutar, Prof Shambhuraje Jagtap
Country: India
Smart COVID Kit
Author(s): Swati Tanpure, Khushbu Bagde, Kalpak Navrange, Shreyash Ubhad, Prof Arpit Chaudhari
Country: India
Regenerative Braking System
Author(s): Omkar Dinesh Khatavkar, Anmol Bagadekar, Dhiren Parmar, Omkar Bhoite, Prof Prashant Nakate
Country: India
Electric Moped with Swappable Batteries
Author(s): Saurabh Gabhale, Rahul Gaikwad, Bhushan Karamkar
Country: India
Flow Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by CFD
Author(s): Govind Baburao Patil, Siraj Ahmed Mohalkar, Haridas Somnath Jagtap, Shubham Dattatray Choudhar, Amol T Kamble
Country: India
Fingerprint Ignition System & Keyless Entry via Fingerprint
Author(s): Rushikesh Vallakati, Paresh Sawale, Ruturaj Kavitke, Rushikesh Deokar, Prof R G Janunkar
Country: India
Design and Analysis of Alternative Fixed Pitch CVT for Singular Stepless Control
Author(s): Nikhil Sudhir Purankar, Sandesh Sarjerao Sawant, Rohit Pravin Shinde, Bhushan P Karamkar
Country: India
Fibonacci Retracement in Day Trading
Author(s): Pawar Sushantkumar, Nikhil Bhoite
Country: India
Design and Manufacturing of LPG Refrigerator
Author(s): Saurabh Bhosale, Anuj Chavhan, Aniruddha Kalwit, Apurva Hande, Ratnadip Bhorge
Country: India
Automatic Braking System and Forward Collision Avoidance
Author(s): Rutvik Lahane, Shubham Raut, Abhishek Wadhai, Indranil Chaudhari, Prof Rajendra Ghatode
Country: India
Introduction of Paddle Shifter in Formula Student Car Following with Design and Analysis of Wheel Assembly and Suspension System
Author(s): Deven Sunil Pujari, Manmohan Vijaybhaskar Adam, Suraj Eknath Jore, Nikhil Sunil Wadhavane, Rajeshwar Janunkar
Country: India
Voicing the Devoiced : Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and the Gendered Language
Author(s): Joy Jacob, Sheeba Thomas
Country: India
Computational Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Corrugated Pipe using Various Grooves
Author(s): Nitin Kumar, Munendra, Pradeep Kumar Gautam, Uday Pratap Singh, Prof Chandan B B
Country: India
Fabrication of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite by Friction Stir Processing
Author(s): Suraj Kumar Yadav, Sandeep Srivastava, Himanshu Singh, Robin Kumar Shekhar
Country: India
DOI: 10.37082/IJIRMPS.2021.v09i04.025
The Utilization of Digital Media by Insurance Agents in Developing Excellent Communication with Customers during COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s): Moch. Armien Syifaa Sutarjo, Sri Dewi Setiawati, Intan Primasari
Country: Indonesia
Brain Tumor Detection using Convolutional Neural Network
Author(s): Prof Asha P, Ashwini Patne, Laxmibai, Pooja.D.H, Joyti Patil
Country: India
Jarofix Waste Material in Embankment Construction
Author(s): Prakash, Ritesh Kumar, Rakesh Meena
Country: India