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Central Air Inflation System

Authors: Vikrant Karpe, Dhruv Mojidra, Meet Rajyaguru, Prof Rajeshwar Janunkar

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Abstract: This specific need is due to the fact that transport comprises of up to 20% of a cane grower’s production costs because of poor vehicle utilization. Consequently it is important that transport costs should be reduced in order for the sugarcane industry or any other industry to maintain profitable. Central tyre inflation technology offers benefits such as improved mobility and savings in road maintenance costs, but more importantly, it can reduce the two largest operational expenses on a transport vehicle namely fuel and tyres. In this project report, the basic workings of a CAIS system is explained; the various areas in which CAIS systems offer benefits are examined; and the cost benefit of implementing a CAIS system is analyzed.

Keywords: Tyre Inflation

Paper Id: 1115

Published On: 2021-07-14

Published In: Volume 9, Issue 4, July-August 2021

Cite This: Central Air Inflation System - Vikrant Karpe, Dhruv Mojidra, Meet Rajyaguru, Prof Rajeshwar Janunkar - IJIRMPS Volume 9, Issue 4, July-August 2021.

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