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Volume 5 Issue 1 January-February 2017

List is in ascending order of publish date, from oldest to newest.

Switching Strategies Based Cascaded Multilevel Inverters Using Modulation Techniques
Field: Engineering
Author(s): S Kannadhasan, M Saravanapandi, C Gurunathan
Screening the Cytotoxic Effect of Terminalia chebula by in vitro Using L-929 Fibroblast Cell Line
Field: Biology
Author(s): Dinesh Dhamodaran, Ashitha Carmel Peter, Neethu George, Abdul Bari Kattukandathil
A Research on Study and Analysis of Multi-storey Steel Building using E-Tab Software
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Neeraj Agarwal, Nikhil Garg
Portable Driver Monitoring System using Matlab
Field: Computer > Artificial Intelligence / Simulation / Virtual Reality
Author(s): Sandeep, Dr.G.N Kodanda Ramaiah
The Limitations Ascertained in Realization of ICT Tools in Teaching & Learning
Field: Sociology > Linguistic / Literature
Author(s): Mrs. Sree Devi Jasti, Dr. Chandra Mouli, Mrs. Radha B
Design and Optimization of Process Parameter Causing Crack Defect in Draw Component of Sheet Metal Forming By Using FEA
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Dnyaneshwar Bagde, Dr K H Munde, Prof Ashish Pawar