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Empowering Tribal Youth through Culturally Sensitive Education in Jharkhand
Author(s): Dr. Susmita Mohapatra
Country: India
रमाकान्त शुक्ल का साहित्यिक परिचय
Author(s): बिनाता दास, सुमित शर्मा
Country: India
Nature and Extent of Crime Victimization: A Study on Urban Area in Bangladesh
Author(s): Md. Omar Faruk, Abdullah Al Faruque, Abdur Razzak
Country: Bangladesh
Emotion Detection by Applying CNN
Author(s): Varun Jagadeeshwar Jonnalagadda, Sri Santhan Josyula
Country: India
Maximizing Crop Yields: A Digital Platform for Rice Pests and Diseases
Author(s): Maria Jonalene V. Dela Merced, Angelo C. Galapon
Country: Philippines
Misconceptions about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Author(s): Beroj Steena T., Nalini Jeyavantha Santha
Country: India