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Nature and Extent of Crime Victimization: A Study on Urban Area in Bangladesh

Authors: Md. Omar Faruk, Abdullah Al Faruque, Abdur Razzak

Country: Bangladesh

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Abstract: This study has mainly explored the current nature and extent of crime victimization in urban areas in Bangladesh. It was exploratory in nature. The samples were selected randomly using a clustered sampling technique from 14 particular areas and respondents who were selected as victimized person or their household heads in this study. A structured and standardized survey questionnaire were used for data collection techniques and using SPSS statistical tools for analyzing data. The findings of the study are that the total number of the respondents was 3,957, among them most of them are female about 53% within 31% of victimized people. Their age ranging from 20 to 40 years, they have completed the primary and secondary level of education, their income below 20,000 and most of them are married and housewife by their occupation among them 8.5% got repeatedly victimized. As per the study findings, theft constitutes the highest number for victimization, where 79% and other types offences including snatching, sexual harassment, domestic violence and also other property related crime, snatching of things or properties, cheating, forgery, or any kind of fraudulent activity, threatening, and damage to property, rape etc were also be found in urban area. Most importantly, Dhaka north city has a higher victimization rate than the other cities in Bangladesh. In this study, it has found that about 95% of the respondents became victimized while living within their current address and most of the victims shared that the incident took place at the town mostly and the places of occurrence were mostly closed to the residence of the victims. The average distance of the place of occurrences and residences was about 4.6 km, and the nearest police station from the place of occurrence was 3.3 km on an average. The study also showed that most of the crimes have occurred within the mid hour of day time to the first hour of the night time, which starts from noon and ends 9 at night, and it constitutes 50 % of the total crime. Finally, it is also revealed that from January to April and November to December of 2018 were more crime-prone than the other months.

Keywords: Crime Victimization, Repeated Victimization, Crime Victim, Urban Area and Victimization Survey

Paper Id: 230325

Published On: 2023-09-21

Published In: Volume 11, Issue 5, September-October 2023

Cite This: Nature and Extent of Crime Victimization: A Study on Urban Area in Bangladesh - Md. Omar Faruk, Abdullah Al Faruque, Abdur Razzak - IJIRMPS Volume 11, Issue 5, September-October 2023.

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