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Volume 2 Issue 6 November-December 2014

List is in ascending order of publish date, from oldest to newest.

Resource Allocation in Network MIMO using Particle Swarm Optimization
Field: Computer > Logic
Author(s): Norshidah Katiran, Norsheila Fisal, Aimi Syamimi, Abdul Ghaffar
Design and Implementation of High Speed FPGA Based Technique for reduce Accident using Cell Phones while Driving
Field: Computer > Automation / Robotics
Author(s): Dr B Paulchamy, K Kalpana, R Saravanakumar
Mixed Noise Reduction based on Improved PCNN Algorithm
Field: Computer > Logic
Author(s): Shajun Nisha, Kother Mohideen
ECG Data Compression using Turning Point Algorithm
Field: Computer > Logic
Author(s): Muzaffar Saba Anjum, Dr Monisha Chakraborty
Comparison of AODV and DSR on the basis of Performance Matrices in MANET - A Survey
Field: Computer > Network / Security
Author(s): Prachi Mishra, Neelesh Gupta
Proposed Algorithms of Routing in new class of Modified Alpha Network
Field: Computer > Logic
Author(s): Amardeep Gupta
Effect of Die Sinking Process Parameters on Surface Roughness of D2 Steel using Taguchi's Method
Field: Physics > Electric
Author(s): Varinder Khurana, Harsimran Singh Sodhi, Amarjeet Singh Sandhu
Image Segmentation Techniques for Medical Ultrasound Images
Field: Computer > Logic
Author(s): Dr P R Tamilselvi