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Volume 9 Issue 3 May-June 2021

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Relationship Marketing as a Solution for Culinary SMEs during the COVID-19
Author(s): Sri Dewi Setiawati, Moch. Armien Syifaa Sutarjo, Intan Primasari
Country: Indonesia
Optimal Strong Password Authentication Protocols
Author(s): Sanya Jain, Avani Kasat
Country: India
Hydrological Drought Monitoring of a Drought Prone Area
Author(s): Rachana Gupta, Abhijith Palli
Country: India
Artificial Intelligence the Future
Author(s): P Divya
Country: India
Solar Water Pumping System with Automation
Author(s): Rajan Keshari, Prashant Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Yadav, Ramjeet Pal, Dr V S Gupta
Country: India
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4762703
Challenges of Online Teaching in Schools during COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s): Renjini T, Dr Shaifali Rachna Puri
Country: India
Manufacturing and Material Specification of Natural Epoxy Composite
Author(s): Zahid Mukhtar, Saigeeta Priyadarshini
Country: India
Good vs Evil in the Heart of Darkness
Author(s): Varnika Kataria
Country: India
Attendance and Information System using NFC and Web-based Application for Academic Sector
Author(s): Dhruv Pualsa, Reetika Satelkar, Dharmik Joshi, Dr Vinayak Shinde
Country: India
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4766470
Women's Safety and Emergency Application
Author(s): Mrs Vrushali Sonar, Prajwal Kadam, Sahil Pardeshi, Tushar More, Pranay Sable
Country: India
Ship Recycling and India
Author(s): Saksham Jaiswal, Vinay Chaudhary
Country: India
Production of Biodiesel From Waste Cooking/Vegetable Oil
Author(s): Pralhad Gavali, Amit Patil, Shubham Kadam, Ajinkya Hase
Country: India
Forest Fire Alarm With Location Detector
Author(s): Uday Satone, Sayali Patil, Shamal Todkar, Pralhad Gavali
Country: India
Purification of Water and Watering Plants using Solar Power
Author(s): Pooja Pawar, Dnyanvi Manghate, Aishwarya Ware
Country: India
A Hybrid Facial Recognition System for Check-Ins
Author(s): Siddharth Malladi, Dr G Swamy
Country: India
Smart Irrigation System using IoT
Author(s): M Gayathri, D Arun Shunmugam, A Ishwariya
Country: India
DOI: 10.37082/IJIRMPS.2021.v09i03.027
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Manufacturing
Author(s): A K Jha
Country: India
The Satisfaction of Students in Online Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s): Varinlada Choampangpacharapan
Country: Thailand
DBMD Implementation for Big Data Mining in the CEASE Method
Author(s): Krishnaveni N, Ishwariya A, Priyanka R
Country: India
DOI: 10.37082/IJIRMPS.2021.v09i03.032
Free Vibration of Square Plate under Periodic Transverse and In-Plane Loads
Author(s): Md Mozaffar Masud, A. K. L. Srivasatava
Country: India
Energy Balance Power Factor Correction with Boost Regulator
Author(s): K.M. Aktheruzzaman, Bobby Barua
Country: Bangladesh
Machine Learning to Balance Web Applications using SDN
Author(s): Prakruthi M Krishna, Sanjana S Rao, Simran S Bhurat, Tata Venkatesh, Prof Vani K A
Country: India