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Volume 6 Issue 5 September-October 2018

List is in ascending order of publish date, from oldest to newest.

Perceptions of Employees on TCS Environmental Protection Programmes
Field: Sociology > Administration / Law / Management
Author(s): Dr. A. Poornachander Rao
Block Chain in Banking Industry – A Revolutionary Technology
Field: Business Administration
Author(s): Amol Murgai
Preferred Teaching Methods by Medical and Dental Students of a Private University: The Students' Perception
Field: Medical / Pharmacy
Author(s): Anthony Leela, Swe Swe Latt, Tahmina Afrose, Inn Kynn
Relationship between Cubical and Cylindrical Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Abdul Hafeez Buller, Mahboob Oad, Bashir Ahmed Memon
Employee Performance Analysis at Community Service Units in Makassar City
Field: Sociology > Politics
Author(s): Akhmad Syaekhu, Umar Kamaruddin
Assessment of Challenges Faced by Student-Teachers in Ghanaian Colleges of Education during Teaching Practice Period
Field: Other
Author(s): Assafuah-Drokow Anthony, Mensah John, Annafo Yin, Baah Doris
Indo-US Relations: The Iran Factor
Field: Other
Author(s): Saswati Dash