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Sprocket Side Stand Retrieving System

Authors: Omkar Khot, Akshid Engle, Omkar Birje, Shlok Sutar, Prof Shambhuraje Jagtap

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Abstract: Side stand in two wheelers carries entire weight of the vehicle when it is parked. They are perfect on quick stops when one needs to leave the vehicle for a short while. They are provided with a spring that pulls it back into position to ensure extra safety. Sometimes the person who drives the two wheeler may forget to release the side stand. This will tend to unwanted danger and lack of concentration while driving.

Nowadays, sensors are used to ensure that the stand is in released condition by indicating it using small lights in dash board. There is also a possibility to forget to see the light.

This project focuses on completely avoiding the possibility of driving two wheelers without releasing the side stand. This low cost solution can be useful for all kinds of two wheelers. In this project, we are proposing an idea to overcome one of those accidents which take place due to the non-folding of the bike stand. In the case of classical bikes, the side stand should be folded manually. Unfortunately, it will not work at the urgent times. We are just human beings. We often forget to fold the stand at the when they are in hurry. While taking a deep curve or any obstacles come on the way, there is a high possibility to meet with an accident. So, to avoid this kinds of accidents, we have found a new way to fold the side stand automatically.

Keywords: Road Safety, Accident, Two-wheeler

Paper Id: 1107

Published On: 2021-07-17

Published In: Volume 9, Issue 4, July-August 2021

Cite This: Sprocket Side Stand Retrieving System - Omkar Khot, Akshid Engle, Omkar Birje, Shlok Sutar, Prof Shambhuraje Jagtap - IJIRMPS Volume 9, Issue 4, July-August 2021.

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