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Jarofix Waste Material in Embankment Construction

Authors: Prakash, Ritesh Kumar, Rakesh Meena

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Abstract: Due to the large-scale road infrastructural development in India, conventional soil is depleting very fast while different industries are producing a huge amount of waste materials as by-products. Utilization of such waste materials leads to sustainable road construction. Jarofix is one of the waste materials generated during the extraction of zinc from its ore. At present, the accumulated jarofix is about 35 lakh tons, while the annual production is about 6 lakh tons in India. Detailed R & D study was carried out to study the feasibility of jarofix in the construction of embankment. Jarofix sample was collected from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan and its geotechnical characteristics were investigated. Design and slope stability analysis of jarofix embankment of varying heights and slopes was carried out to decide its practical applicability in the field construction. The factor of safety was determined by numerical analysis under different water conditions, viz. partially saturation, steady flow, sudden draw down with, and without seismic
factor. Results of variation of factor of safety with height, saturation, and slope
are presented. Multiple linear regression analysis was carried out to evaluate the
effect of different design parameters on the factor of safety of the embankment. A typical settlement analysis of jarofix embankment is also presented in this
study. It is concluded that jarofix waste material has a good potential for
construction of embankment.

Keywords: Jarofix, Waste Material, Embankment, Road Construction

Paper Id: 1223

Published On: 2021-08-27

Published In: Volume 9, Issue 4, July-August 2021

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