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M-Ticket Booking System

Authors: Ranjana Singh, Prajwal Choudhari, Abhishek Kolte, Nikshay Jain

Country: India

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Abstract: This system has a facility about analysis and prediction of train and bus. Passengers can easily see and book their ticket as per their convenience. GUI of system is easy to understand by passengers. At one time, passenger can book ticket for 5 people. The M-Ticket Book System for Trains and Bus is an automated system designed to simplify and streamline the ticket booking process for train and bus travelers. This system is intended to provide an efficient and convenient solution to booking train tickets. The system includes a user-friendly interface for passengers to book tickets and a backend database for managing and storing passenger information and booking details. This paper presents the development of an M-Ticket booking system for bus and train transportation. The proposed system aims to provide a convenient and user-friendly experience for customers to book and purchase their tickets using their mobile phones.

Keywords: M-Ticket Booking System, Client-Server Model

Paper Id: 230099

Published On: 2023-04-30

Published In: Volume 11, Issue 2, March-April 2023

Cite This: M-Ticket Booking System - Ranjana Singh, Prajwal Choudhari, Abhishek Kolte, Nikshay Jain - IJIRMPS Volume 11, Issue 2, March-April 2023.

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