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Volume 7 Issue 1 January-February 2019
Recommended Outfit Composition using Deep Learning Approach
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Namrata Porwal, Namita Zore, Rutuja Salunke, Nilam Mahadik, Prof S V Bodake
Data Mining Approach for Crop Productivity & Disease Identification
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Vijay Vadje, Shritaj Chivate, Ajinkya Dalvi, Bhaskar Khande, Snehlata Funde
Machine Learning Technique for Detection of Ocular Disease
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Vedant Chutke, Kritesh Gupta, Sakshi Sope, Shrutika Raut, Prof. Mrunalinee Patole
Conjunctive Keyword and Key Phrase Search for E-health Document Clouds
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Puja Sudhakar Patil, Puja Govind Tiwari, Harsha Satish Ghadage, Prof. Trupti Dange
Classification of Thai Fast Food using Convolutional Neural Network
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Rutuja Bhise, Prajakta Dhanba, Renuka Kshirsagar
The Positive Impact of Social Relations in Managing Human Resources in the Pre-school Organization
Field: Sociology > Philosophy / Psychology / Religion
Author(s): Arlinda Hallunovi Ymeri
The Relationship between Organizational Learning and Cultural Asset on the Productivity of Employees in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences
Field: Sociology > Education
Author(s): Dr. Yousef Mehdipour, Fatemeh Rashki
Drinking Water Quality Monitoring-Allagadda,Andhra Pradesh,India
Field: Chemistry
Author(s): K Mahammad Rafi, Dr M Umamahesh, A Rajasekhar Reddy, K V Narasimha Reddy
Can We Dispense With Multi Party System At Centre ?
Field: Sociology > Politics
Author(s): Abhinandan Ashok Boragave
Agricultural Development and Diversification of Chamarajanagara District in Karnataka
Field: Arts
Author(s): S M Basavaraj, Prof S N Yogish
Query Resolution System Using Communities
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Prasanna Urunkar, Siona Tiwade, Rutuja Bhokare, Aatish Waghmare, Sumedh Gangadhar Dhengre
Recommender System based on Publicly Available Data
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Omkar Tupe, Shubham Gaikwad, Rishabh Patil, Vishal Thale, Prof P M Gore