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How to Stop Employee Turn Over?

Authors: R Chandra Shekar, Sanjay Kumar P

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Abstract: Employees are the assets of any organization. Understanding the changing needs of the employees has become more imperative in the present day competitive world. Effectively managing the employees in fact has become one of the key success factors for the present day corporates. Any organization can leverage effectively in the competition, with a strong base of human resources. Employee turnover is a major challenge being faced by the industry in India and abroad. Employee turnover is a setback for any organization, however successful it may be in all other endeavours. If the employees’ needs are not fulfilled by the organizations, it leads to employee turnover. In this backdrop, it is proposed to understand the concepts of employee turnover, study the reasons for turnover and find out some possible ways to reduce turnover effectively. Through this paper the author focused on reasons of employee turnover, types of turnover and discussed about various turnover costs and finally presented employee retention strategies to minimize employee turnover.

Keywords: Employees, Employee Turnover, Retention Strategies

Paper Id: 1249

Published On: 2019-04-28

Published In: Volume 7, Issue 2, March-April 2019

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