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From Chemical Plants to Clinical Patients: Process Control Applications in Biomedicine

Authors: Temitope Alaba Oshin

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Abstract: In recent times, there has been a convergence and interaction between the age-long principles of chemical process control (hitherto exclusive to the world of man-made industrial chemical process plants) and the life sciences (particularly biomedicine). This review article presents some examples of application areas in biomedicine where process dynamics and control, as a sub-discipline of process engineering, is being utilized to save human lives. It especially focuses on the extension of the chemical engineer’s “process” and “system” to embrace parts of the human body or microbial cells. The aim of the article is to make the reader appreciate how the traditional chemical engineering tools of process dynamics and control can be applied newly to biomedical problems. This is to stir the readers’ mind to explore other exciting ways of applying control engineering knowledge to solve modern healthcare challenges. The review was conducted under three broad application headings: medical device engineering applications, industrial-scale production of therapeutic substances and elucidatory investigations into complex physiologies.

Keywords: Medical Devices, Anaesthesia, Biomedicine, Healthcare, Process Systems, Bioengineering

Paper Id: 1251

Published On: 2021-09-19

Published In: Volume 9, Issue 5, September-October 2021

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