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Characterization of Aquifer Potential in Ohafia Area of Abia State, Nigeria

Authors: Adindu Ruth U, Igbokwe Kelechi K

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Abstract: Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) using Schlumberger electrode configuration was employed in the characterization of aquifer potential in Ohafia Area of Abia State. A total of 5 vertical electrical sounding (VES) was occupied with maximum current electrode spacing of AB / 2 = 300 m. The data was acquired and processed using ABEM Terrameter and WinRESIST software respectively. 5–7 geo-electrical layers were delineated. The area is characterized majorly by sand materials while aquifer resistivity ranged from 441.30 ?m – 1898.00 ?m. Aquifer thickness ranged from 77.94 m – 97.84 m. Depth to water table varied from 27.76 m – 68.36 m indicating shallow aquifer system. Aquifer layers were delineated in the third and fourth layers. The area showed high Transverse resistance ranging from 41702.850 ?m^2 – 185700.320 ?m^2 implying high aquifer yield. Groundwater potentials of the area were categorized into moderate, good and high potentials. VES 3 (Ndiaku) showed minimal potential while the maximum groundwater potential was delineated at VES 5 (Akanu). High Transverse resistance for shallow aquifers indicates the possibility of surface contaminant migration and circulation in the aquifer system of the area. Therefore, it is recommended that the quality of the groundwater of the area be evaluated.

Keywords: VES, Aquifer Potentials, Groundwater, Resistivity, Ohafia

Paper Id: 1289

Published On: 2021-11-08

Published In: Volume 9, Issue 6, November-December 2021

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