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The Strategy of Successful Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Implementation and Benefits of TPM (Literature Review)

Authors: Kitalu Ricin Ngoy, Kipendo Israel

Country: South Africa

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Abstract: Purpose: This article aims to review the literature based on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) with the aim of providing a general framework for successful TPM implementation techniques used by manufacturers. It also aims to underline relevant drivers and success factors for addressing obstacles to TPM implementation success.

Approach/Methodology: The paper reviews and analyses the published researches which have been carried out in some manufacturing industries that have effectively adopted TPM and reaped considerable advantages as a result of TPM implementation, with the goal of justifying TPM implementation in manufacturing sectors.

Findings: The article covers a wide range of topics in Total Productive Maintenance, including maintenance procedures, the TPM framework, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), TPM implementation strategies, challenges to TPM implementation, and success factors. The implications of strategic TPM programs to increasing businesses' manufacturing skills have also been recognized.

Practical Implications: There has been relatively little research on how to classify Total Productive Maintenance. The study examines a significant published articles on this topic and provides an overview of different TPM implementation techniques used by manufacturing companies throughout the world. It also discusses the techniques proposed by various scholars and practitioners, as well as a critical evaluation of the causes behind TPM program failure in companies. In addition, the facilitators and success criteria for TPM implementation have indeed been emphasized in order to ensure a robust and efficient TPM implementation in companies.

Originality: The article presents a comprehensive overview of successful TPM implementation. Understanding the relevance of TPM will be beneficial to researchers, maintenance professionals, and everyone interested in maintenance.

Keywords: Total Productive Maintenance, Implementation and Benefits of TPM, Manufacturing

Paper Id: 1290

Published On: 2021-11-15

Published In: Volume 9, Issue 6, November-December 2021

Cite This: The Strategy of Successful Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Implementation and Benefits of TPM (Literature Review) - Kitalu Ricin Ngoy, Kipendo Israel - IJIRMPS Volume 9, Issue 6, November-December 2021.

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