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MEDEC vs Entrepreneurs (IKS/PKS) in Malaysia

Authors: Ahmad Redzuan Bin Mohamad

Country: Malaysia

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Abstract: The writing of this article will talk about how the role of MEDEC in the development and development of IKS/PKS in Malaysia. It will reveal in detail the role of MEDEC itself. It includes the establishment of MEDEC, the individuals behind the name MEDEC itself, the role of this institution and the progress and development of those involved in the SME/SME from the beginning until they succeed.

This article will trace MEDEC’s journey in guiding the entrepreneurs involved. It does not matter in terms of guidance, motivation, capital to ensure that each entrepreneur continues to succeed in the field they are involved in. In line with the government's desire to ensure that Malaysia becomes an industrial nation that will continue to grow, the role of MEDEC is very important to realize that dream.

We will also take some articles as well as past research to look at this issue in another writing perspective. But to be sure, MEDEC plays an important role in ensuring the development of every entrepreneur under their supervision.

Keywords: Entrepreneurs in Malaysia, MEDEC, Malaysia, Politic Malaysia, Economy Malaysia

Paper Id: 1335

Published On: 2021-12-29

Published In: Volume 9, Issue 6, November-December 2021

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