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Researching how SAP Solutions can Improve Patient Engagement and Satisfaction through Personalized Care and Communication

Authors: Surya Sai Ram Parimi

Country: India

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Abstract: The main focus in modern healthcare has shifted from diseases, as the primary target of treatment, to patients, as the ultimate purpose of the healthcare system. In a patient-centric hospital, patient experience is the main measure of healthcare quality and it depends on various factors, such as healthcare environment, patient involvement, and efficient and effective patient and organizational flows. Changes caused by the healthcare reform, budget cuts, increasing number of chronic patients, but also changes in patient behavior and expectations have led the hospital management to search for new concepts, methods, and tools to effectively manage patient experience and flows, with information technology solutions being among the most promising. This paper discusses the impact of SAP solutions on patient-centric processes and patient experience, as well as their contribution to the evolving concept for patient-centric hospital management—patient experience management [1]. In recent years, the ongoing advancements in healthcare have necessitated a paradigm shift, placing patients at the forefront of medical care. Gone are the days when diseases were solely targeted for treatment; instead, the focus has now shifted towards the holistic well-being and satisfaction of patients themselves. In the realm of patient-centric hospitals, the quality of healthcare is predominantly measured by the patient experience, which relies on numerous crucial factors encompassing the healthcare environment, patient engagement, and the smooth and seamless coordination of patient and organizational workflows [1]. As the healthcare landscape undergoes continuous transformation due to healthcare reform, financial constraints, and the rise in the number of chronic ailment cases, coupled with the altering behaviors and expectations of patients, hospital management is actively seeking innovative concepts, methodologies, and tools to ensure the effective management of patient experience and streamline patient flows. Among the plethora of solutions, information technology has emerged as a highly promising avenue. Through this scholarly article, we delve into the profound impact of SAP solutions on patient-centric processes and the all-encompassing patient experience [1,2]. Additionally, we discuss how such digital solutions developed for the patient-centric hospital management aimed to facilitate patient experience management.

Keywords: SAP, Healthcare Analytics, Patient Experience Management, Patient Engagement, Patient Satisfaction, Personalized Care, Healthcare Technology, Digital Health Transformation, Communication in Healthcare, Patient-Provider Interaction, Health Information Systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Healthcare Innovation, Patient Outcomes, Integrated Healthcare Solutions

Paper Id: 1772

Published On: 2014-06-18

Published In: Volume 2, Issue 3, May-June 2014

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