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Strategic Energy Policy

Authors: Dr D N Naresh, Vaibhav Singh


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Country: India

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Abstract: Energy policy is the manner in which a given entity (often governmental) has decided to address issues of energy development including energy production, distribution and consumption. The attributes of energy policy may include legislation, international treaties, incentives to investment, guidelines for energy conservation, taxation and other public policy techniques.
As the 21st century opens, the energy sector is in critical condition. A crisis could erupt at any time from any number of factors, from an accident on the Alaskan pipeline to a revolution in a major oil-producing world. Oil is still readily available on international markets, but prices have doubled from levels that helped spur rapid economic growth through much of the 1990s. And with spare capacity scarce and Middle East tensions high, chances are greater than at any point in two decades of an oil supply disruption that would even more severely test the United States’ security and prosperity.
In the short term, the energy situation may well improve due to seasonal downturns in demand as well as economic slowdown in the U.S. But from a longer-term perspective, the difficult situation in energy markets may get worse before it gets better. Across much of the developing world, energy infrastructure is being severely tested by the expanding material needs of a growing middle class, especially in the high-growth, high population economies of Asia.

Keywords: Prosperity, crisis, decay, revolution, consumption, conservation, taxation

Paper Id: 209

Published On: 2016-11-07

Published In: Volume 4, Issue 6, November-December 2016

Cite This: Strategic Energy Policy - Dr D N Naresh, Vaibhav Singh - IJIRMPS Volume 4, Issue 6, November-December 2016. DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/UMK3Z

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