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E-commerce Website using MERN Stack

Authors: Akarsh Shrivas, Aniket Pawar, Pratham Mishra, Satish Chadokar

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Abstract: In our present generation, e-commerce has taken over and become a new normal in our lives. These days most people choose to buy products online instead of paying a visit to the market. As nearly everyone in the world now has access to the internet, the number of people making purchases online is increasing exponentially. Online shopping is far more convenient as customers don't have to leave their homes and they can make any purchases at any time of day from anywhere. The market for digitalized shopping will grow in this decade of digitization. This project is created using the MERN Stack, which includes MongoDB, the Express.js framework, the ReactJS library, and the NodeJS environment. MERN is one of the most powerful stacks for developing full-stack web applications. This application is fully functional and has many different features. We can easily purchase many different types of products by using this web application with some clicks

Keywords: E-commerce, MERN Stack, Framework, Library, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB

Paper Id: 230117

Published On: 2023-05-09

Published In: Volume 11, Issue 3, May-June 2023

Cite This: E-commerce Website using MERN Stack - Akarsh Shrivas, Aniket Pawar, Pratham Mishra, Satish Chadokar - IJIRMPS Volume 11, Issue 3, May-June 2023.

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