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Automatic Fertilizer Feeding in Farm

Authors: Onkar Sanjay Thange, Sachin Rajendra Chopde, Neelam Arvind Gangurde, Kirti Dilip Gowardhane

Country: India

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Abstract: IoT is the network of physical “things” or object that contain embedded technology to interface and sense to move with their internal states or the external setting. Automation is the most often spelled term within the field of electronics. The hunger for automation brought several revolutions within the existing technologies. Notice board could be a primary factor in any establishment or public places like bus stations, railway stations, colleges, malls etc. Sticking out numerous notices day to day could be a tough method. A separate person is needed to take care of this notice display. This project is regarding advanced wireless notice board. In IoT based Web Controlled Notice Board, Internet is employed to wirelessly send the message from Browser to the display. A local web server is created, this could be a global server over net. At the PIC microcontroller, LED matrix is used to display message and flask for receiving the message over network. Whenever microcontroller receives any wireless message from GSM module, it displays on the LED matrix. The Internet of Things (IoT) belief system can be looked as an exceptionally unique and radically distributed networked system composed of a very large number of identifiable smart objects. These objects can convey and to interface among themselves, with end-users or different elements in the system. Entering the era of Internet of Things, the use of small, shoddy and flexible computer hardware that allow end-user programming become present. One of them, considered in this, is the PIC microcontroller, fully customizable and programmable small computer board. Relative investigation of its key components and exhibitions with some of current existing IoT prototype platforms have shown that despite few disadvantages, the PIC microcontroller remains an modest with its effectively utilization in diverse range of research applications in IoT vision.

Keywords: LED Matrix, PIC Microcontroller, SPI, GSM Modem

Paper Id: 230147

Published On: 2023-05-19

Published In: Volume 11, Issue 3, May-June 2023

Cite This: Automatic Fertilizer Feeding in Farm - Onkar Sanjay Thange, Sachin Rajendra Chopde, Neelam Arvind Gangurde, Kirti Dilip Gowardhane - IJIRMPS Volume 11, Issue 3, May-June 2023.

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