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Blockchain based E-tender Management System

Authors: Akshata Wadekar, Ashwini Desale, Pranali Gangurde, Divyani Girase, Umesh B. Pawar

Country: India

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Abstract: As per survey the current e-tendering processes are not open to everybody involved, which means information isn't shared with all parties involved. When a corporation is chosen as the winner of a contract, for example, the information is disseminated as they wish. Organizations that bid on a same tender aren't told why their proposal was rejected or why one company was chosen as the winner. A corporation can request this information, but obtaining it is a time-consuming process, as a fact that checking result papers is possible and reviewing them takes time. A side from not being transparent, the security of these portals is a major worry, as it can lead to fraud and data manipulation in a central database. If a hacker acquires access to this central database, bids can be shared with competitors, resulting in severe financial and strategic losses for a corporation.

By and large, the Tenders or agreements are utilized by legislatures and organizations to get labor and products. On account of flawed processes, ill-advised delicate the executives result in critical losses. Contractors are leaned toward, records aren't kept as expected, there's an absence of transparency, there's hacking, information is changed, things like these happens various times. To defeat this issue, we will utilize a straightforward and secure encryption combined with reliable block-based engineering for exchange the executives. For this situation we will utilize block bind exchange-based records alongside exchanges such as to give a totally straightforward offering process, delicate reports, applications, bid recommendations, organization profiles, past records, endorsing official subtleties, furthermore, dismissal subtleties are undeniably required. So, we will implement the system with blockchain along with machine learning algorithm approach for prediction of the best company classification for the tender, we are going to use the dataset from Kaggle and also, we will make our own datasets.

Keywords: Blockchain, Encryption, Machine Learning

Paper Id: 230166

Published On: 2023-05-23

Published In: Volume 11, Issue 3, May-June 2023

Cite This: Blockchain based E-tender Management System - Akshata Wadekar, Ashwini Desale, Pranali Gangurde, Divyani Girase, Umesh B. Pawar - IJIRMPS Volume 11, Issue 3, May-June 2023.

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