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Intrusion Detection & Prevention System

Authors: Yash Abhangrao, Saurabh Isankar, Sakshi Pawar, Bhagwati Dudhkar, I.M. Shaikh

Country: India

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Abstract: In today’s interconnected world, organizations rely on shared storage spaces to facilitate seamless collaboration among employees. However, ensuring the security of sensitive data in such an environment is of paramount importance. To address this challenge, we propose an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System designed for organizations where multiple employees have access to shared data. This system is equipped with a multi-layered authentication process to ensure data security. Each registered employee is granted access to a common storage space, and the system permits them to view data belonging to other users without providing access. To access data, a user must successfully complete a stringent three-tier authentication process, which includes email OTP, mobile OTP, and security questions. This multifaceted approach significantly enhances the security of data access. The Intrusion Detection and Prevention System continuously monitors authentication attempts. If a user fails in any one of the authentication steps, the system swiftly identifies this as a potential intrusion. In such cases, the system automatically triggers an alert and sends an email to the user whose data is being accessed without proper authentication. This email contains a change of password request, prompting the legitimate user to take immediate action to secure their account. Our system not only provides robust data protection but also ensures that intrusion attempts are promptly detected and mitigated, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding the sensitive information stored within the organization. This abstract highlights the key features and benefits of our enhanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, which is essential in modern, collaborative work environments to maintain data security and privacy

Keywords: Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Shared Storage Spaces, Data Security, Multi-layered Authentication, Email OTP, Mobile OTP, Security Questions

Paper Id: 230384

Published On: 2023-11-19

Published In: Volume 11, Issue 6, November-December 2023

Cite This: Intrusion Detection & Prevention System - Yash Abhangrao, Saurabh Isankar, Sakshi Pawar, Bhagwati Dudhkar, I.M. Shaikh - IJIRMPS Volume 11, Issue 6, November-December 2023.

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