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Bike Anti-theft System using IoT

Authors: Shahu Kor, Aditya Puri, Tejal Ahire, Ketki Balde

Country: India

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Abstract: The proposed system integrates various sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and potentially magnetometers to form an inertial measurement unit. This unit serves to detect motion, thereby addressing security concerns like theft and tampering in bicycle rental systems. Incorporating IoT technology, the system utilizes GPS for real-time location tracking, ensuring accurate positioning of the bicycle at all times. This feature enhances security by enabling prompt responses in case of theft or unauthorized movement. A robust locking mechanism is also a key component of the design, contributing to the safety of user bikes. By combining the data from multiple sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, the system not only offers effective navigation but also enhances data accuracy, minimizing ambiguity in detecting motion anomalies. This proposed design not only employs cutting-edge IoT technology and GPS for precise tracking but also emphasizes a sturdy locking mechanism to ensure bicycle safety.

Keywords: Node MCU, IoT technology, GPS Tracking System, Vehicle Auto-locking System

Paper Id: 230386

Published On: 2023-11-19

Published In: Volume 11, Issue 6, November-December 2023

Cite This: Bike Anti-theft System using IoT - Shahu Kor, Aditya Puri, Tejal Ahire, Ketki Balde - IJIRMPS Volume 11, Issue 6, November-December 2023.

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