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The Positive Impact of Social Relations in Managing Human Resources in the Pre-school Organization

Authors: Arlinda Hallunovi Ymeri


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Country: Albania

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Abstract: In this paper, I have focused on the importance that human resources management and the policies that they pursue to implement this management today. Seeing how human resources are managed in a school organization I have come to the conclusion that there is a link between this successful management and social interaction. Through analysis we see the influential social interaction policies in the overall climate of the organization (institution, kindergarten) linking them to success. We can consider human resources as the central axis of an organization through which it reaches its goals and objectives. That is why we make them give them a priority but never considering them as one. I do not consider them alone because they are only one group of organizational resources, as we know that the inhumane resources that are closely related to humanity play a very important role. The importance of these resources encourages us to emphasize their management, which we will see in relation to employees (educators). During the centralized economy period everything was planned according to a strict plan and the decision-making power was focused on the hands of the leader.
Employees were not treated differently than as a work tool or subject for which others were placed, their relationships were associated with fear, suspicion, mistrust, and lack of coexistence. In these organizations, it was not just about making a management connection with the success of the organization, as the first course, the policies for running the predetermined employees. The opposite happens today in the market economy. Where "in now day’s competitive global economy, effective and ethical management of people is more important than ever. People are the common denominator of efforts regardless of the size of the organization. No matter how sophisticated is the strategy of an organization and its technology , the human factor is inevitably the key to success. " (Kreitner & Kinicki 1995)

Keywords: social relations, management, human resources, gardens, organizational strategy

Paper Id: 459

Published On: 2019-01-05

Published In: Volume 7, Issue 1, January-February 2019

Cite This: The Positive Impact of Social Relations in Managing Human Resources in the Pre-school Organization - Arlinda Hallunovi Ymeri - IJIRMPS Volume 7, Issue 1, January-February 2019. DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/SPJGU

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