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Socio-Demographic, Economic and Crime Profile of Women Prisons – A Sociological Study of Chanchalguda Prison, Hyderabad

Authors: Dr. A. Ramesh


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Country: India

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Abstract: Crime is a chain of reaction to problems than apparently cannot be solved in any other way since it is a response, which a human being makes to inner emotional distress. Looking at the incidence of crime in the perspective of the states of women in a society like India, cultural patterns, socio-economic conditions, disjunction between means and personal desires are all very significant and these act as inhibiting or encouraging factors in forcing women to take to different means for satisfying their desires. Criminal process beginning with arrest, passing through conviction and incarceration and evading in release and readjustment with society may involve a number of pains, losses and consequent deprivations. One of the methods generally used to prevent the offenders from repeating the crime in incapacitation by imprisonment in a prison. The prison tends to deprive the offenders of liberty for years. These are usually regarded as deterrent measures. There has been attempt to find out the way the prisoners feel the prison experience. This paper presents the socio-demographic, economic and crime profile of the 217 respondents of Chanchalguda special prison for women. The main objective of such an exercise is the assumption that life components such as age, religion, caste, education, place of residence, marital status, type of family, children if any, etc, expert a degree of influence in not only the offence committed but also the respondent’s level of prison adjustment, their aspiration and perceptions about the various facilities provided and problems faced during and after incarceration.

Keywords: Crime, economic, liberty, sociological, women prisons

Paper Id: 586

Published On: 2019-06-28

Published In: Volume 7, Issue 3, May-June 2019

Cite This: Socio-Demographic, Economic and Crime Profile of Women Prisons – A Sociological Study of Chanchalguda Prison, Hyderabad - Dr. A. Ramesh - IJIRMPS Volume 7, Issue 3, May-June 2019. DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/X839E

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