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Reviewer Referral Program

What is the program?
When any researcher publishes paper and enters a reviewer's referral id, the reviewer with the entered referral id gets a share of the publication fee.
Who can join as a reviewer?
Any person having Ph.D. or Master degree, and having minimum 5 years of experience in the relevant field, can join as a reviewer.
What is the fee to join as a reviewer?
There is no joining fee.
How much the reviewer is rewarded for each published paper?
The reviewer earns INR 300 / USD 10 for each referred research paper published or reviewed by him/her.
How to get a reviewer's referral id?
When a person joins as a reviewer and approved by IJIRMPS, the person will be assigned a unique referral id. The referral id is sent along with an email to the registered email address of the reviewer. The registered reviewer needs to give the referral id to the researchers who are submitting research papers for publication to us.