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Volume 6 Issue 6 November-December 2018
The Determinants of Bank Profitability: How Malaysian Islamic Banks Response to the Financing Risk
Field: Other
Author(s): Mohammad Taqiuddin Mohamad, Ahmad Azam Sulaiman@Mohamad, Ahmad Hidayat Buang
Representation of Conflicts Regarding Choices in Human Life in ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost
Field: Sociology > Linguistic / Literature
Author(s): Md. Rabiul Alam, Rabeya Khatun Mitu
The Compactification of a Non-compact Topological Space
Field: Mathematics
Author(s): Balowayi Bondu Bernard, Kankolongo Kadilu Patient
Smart Farming Plant Disease Recognition Using Model-based Statistical Features
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Sameer Raut, Sarang Kulkarni, Harshada Thite, Renuka Dond, Prof. S V Athawale
The Ito Formula and the Distributions Theory
Field: Mathematics
Author(s): Kankolongo Kadilu Patient, Balowayi Bondu Bernard
Reduce the Congestion in Control Channel of MAC Layer of VANET using MAC Protocols
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Abhishek Sharma, Rajeev Bedi, Dr. S.K Gupta
The relationship between influence factors (perception, knowledge, interest) and mathematics performance of primary students in a national school in Malaysia
Field: Mathematics
Author(s): Erni Tanius, Koomashri A/P Arasu, Mohd. Gafarsyah Mohd Idrakisyah, Dr Saibah Siregar, Che Manisah Mohd. Kasim, Vinnarasi A/P Uluganathan, Sharifah Zuraidah syed Abdul Jalil
Thematic Concerns in the Essays of Charles Lamb: A Critical Analysis
Field: Sociology > Linguistic / Literature
Author(s): Abdul Awal
Employee Retention: Role of Communication Satisfaction, Procedural of Justice, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in a Private Higher Learning Institution in Malaysia
Field: Sociology > Administration / Law / Management
Author(s): Erni Tanius, Lee Siew Pheng, Che Manisah Mohd Kasim
Multicultural Diversity: Impact on Employee Interaction and Turnover Status
Field: Business Administration
Author(s): Erni Binti Tanius, Nurul Huda Abdullah, Erni Binti Tanius
The QRS Complex Detection Approach
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Priyanka Mayapur
Exergy Analyses of Recuperated and Air Precooled Cogeneration Systems
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Rabi Karaali, Rabi Karaali
Exergy Analysis of Oxy-fuel Power Cycle
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Rabi Karaali, Rabi Karaali
Pre-eligibility Criteria Checking System for Donor using Machine Learning
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Amrutha Choware, Manjutai Chormale, Arati Bhosale, Prachi Gaikwad, Dr. S. N. Gujar
Social-based Blood Donation System with Eligibility Criteria of Blood Donor using Machine Algorithm
Field: Engineering
Author(s): Tanvi Gire, Gaurav Kasar, Ankita Jawale, Shruti Jamdade, Prof N K Kadale
Comparison of Topological, Physiochemical and Hydrophobic Parameters for QSAR Study on Flavonoid Derivatives as Tyrosins Kinase Inhibitors
Field: Biology > Bio + Chemistry
Author(s): Kapil Tiwari, Pramod K Saxena, Kapil Government, Brij K Tiwari